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Blue Eagle Products 8-52281-00342-9 Dock and Dumpster, Concentrate, Bilge, 32 oz.

Blue Eagle Products 8-52281-00342-9 Dock and Dumpster, Concentrate, Bilge, 32 oz.


(as of 11/05/2016 at 18:19 UTC)

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Blue Eagle dock and Dumpster works on all organic waste and is simple and safe to use everywhere. Blue Eagle is a 100 percent all Natural product that contains a powerful, safe, biodegradable detergent. It breaks up the waste and then our proprietary blend of microbes breaks down waste Material into carbon dioxide and water until it is completely eliminated. Bilges are one of the more unfriendly and inaccessible places on a Boat. Over time the bilge collects water, oil, and fuel. This combination is not only unsightly and messy, making maintenance a dirtier job, it also creates foul odors. As bilge contents slosh around it spreads an oily film over the inside of the hull coating hard to REACH recesses. Using absorbent mats in the bilge only collects the oil and fuel floating on top of the water. You still have to get rid of them. And good luck trying to scrub the remaining film from bilge surfaces. Soaps and other cleaning products just emulsify petroleum leaving behind an oily combination of substances mixed with the water. It’s toxic, messy, and not bay safe. Blue Eagle has a powerful bay safe detergent. It breaks up the oil in the water and on the hull. Then our proprietary blend of microbes attach themselves to the Hydrocarbon molecules and break them down into carbon dioxide and water. The oil is completely eliminated. This process is replicated as hard-working microbes colonize the bilge and remain active as long as there is oil to eat. In 24 to 48 hours – depending on temperature and bilge contamination – you will see a change in color of the oily film on the surface of the water; it will appear lighter. Just spray it on hull surfaces and bilge water with a hand-held or hose-end hydrofoamer.Blue Eagle dock and Dumpster is safe for all wire connections, bilge pumps, and float switches. It will not harm motors or rubber gaskets. Safe for all hulls. Bilge water treated with Blue Eagle, if discharged, will not harm the marine environment.


  • 12:1 dilution ratio
  • 100 percent all natural, non toxic
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Powerful odor control
  • Easy to use


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